Thursday, March 23, 2017

SOL#20-The things that I like doing with my friends

Some of the things I enjoy doing with my friends is that we could play soccer and i like that all my friends like the same sports than me so we don't we don't argue some of the things that I don't like about my friends is that sometimes they get my really really mad 😑 because they talk behind my back but he won't say nothing in my face but still we are friends..

What are things you enjoy doing with your friends

Sol#19-something that I like about my house.

Something I like about my house is that Is that every time when I go to my room is it smells really good and I don't put anything like the things the people put so they're house smell good other thing that I like my house is that in my basement I have a pool table and and a soccer table me and my cousins or that whenever they come over we have so much fun because and with my dad we play pool and some time in the summer my dad but me and my sister a pool and we have so much fun and that's why I like me house. What things do you like about your house?

SOL#18-no one know that?

Something that no one knows of me not even my friends know is that I have 2 brothers but they are not in the U.S. They are at Mexico πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ and that I use to to live Indiana but I move to Berwyn because we had another house here and we sold our other house in Indiana we lived in a big house but I didn't like because since I was small I was scared because that house was very old and my parents scared me even more because they said they were ghosts know that I am big I am not scarred of those stories. Do you have something private?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Diary of a wimpy rodrick Rules

The reason I like this kind of books is because they are basically really funny so everything started when Rodrick starts to get annoyed his brother called Gregory and he know how play the drums so Gregg invited his friend to get some drum classes so in this book you Always learn like Greg learns some lessons from his older brother so basically rodrick always try to rip off his brother Greg that he is always in the house so it's easier to rodrick to fin him and rip him off. Have you read the series of wimpy kid?

Monday, March 20, 2017

SOL#17-when i went to sky zone

The  time I went to sky zone it was a normal day it was summer and My siblings ask my dad if we could go to sky zone. Sky zone is a place where you can have a lot of fun you could play dodgeball and many other things there like basketball and soccer so my parents said yeah so it took 32 minutes to get there we go our tickets and we put our socks on because they have special socks so we paid 50 dollars for 3 hours after that we ate in a restaurant call Wendy's and then went home.
Have you been to sky zone?

Thursday, March 16, 2017

SOL#16- when I got caught in a rainstorm

When I got caught in a rainstorm it all happen when me and my friend where ridding bikes and we went to the mall to buy a board for my friend so we went to a store Called zumies we took like 45 minutes looking at the boards and the cool wheels and my friend but the boar so we went to more stores. After that we went to buy some food because we were really hungry so we got a subway we finished the subways like in 23 minutes then we went to game stop to buy gta 5 I got it for the Xbox 360 so my friends ask me if we could leave home and I said yeah but something bad was happening it was raining really hard so we decided to wait but it was late and we decided to leave in our bikes since we got a backpack we could put the stuff there so it wouldn't get wet and we left in our bike the hardest we could it took like 35 minutes to get to my house but we got safe. Have you ever got caught in a rain storm.?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

SOL#15-the time I mowed the yard

A time when a mowed the yard it all started in summer I was really bored and i asked my dad if I could mowed the yard and he said yeah and so I started when I was done my dad gave me a 20 dollar bill and also I got really happy so I ask my dad if I mowed other people lawn and he said so i ask my friends if I they wanted to knock on people door if they wanted us to mowed their
Lawn the person said sure so we both got 10 dollar and we also raked the leaves and we got so much money.have you ever worked in something to earn money?